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Free Online Games | Jeux En Ligne Gratuits > Shooting

Gun Run

Upgrade your gun and proceed further into the robotic enemies territory!

(Played: 178)

Gunman Shooter 2

Shoot down the stick men with your sniper rifle

(Played: 191)

Gurrdian Action

Fight for your territory, wipe out all enemies with your weapons!

(Played: 154)

Half-Life 2 Total Mayhem

First person shooter with half life graphic

(Played: 234)

Happy Tree Friends Flippy Attack

The objective of this game is simple. Stay alive as long as possible. Using c...

(Played: 223)

Hate that Frog

Froh shooting game

(Played: 207)

Hollywood Buzz

Zapp the celebrities with your remote to gain points.

(Played: 216)

Hulk Smash Up

Play the incredible Hulk in this game - smash everythign with bare hands

(Played: 206)

Icy Gifts 2

Christmas is in danger! Santa and all of his gifts are frozen. Blast away San...

(Played: 249)


Shoot down on incoming enemy alien space craft in this fast paced arcade shoo...

(Played: 235)

Invasion of the Galactic Goobers

Galactic goobers are trying to invade your planet, you have got to stop them.

(Played: 177)

Jail Escaper

Some bad men are escaping from jail again, shoot them before they shoot you.

(Played: 212)

Jumping Circle 3

1 or 2 player shooting game.

(Played: 151)

Jungle Mafia

Jungle Mafia is a great shooter-physics game in which you have to shoot the M...

(Played: 227)


Catch the bomb before it explode.

(Played: 183)

Kill a Kitten

Kill the annoying kitten with your gun

(Played: 205)

Kill Kenny

Kenny is being ganged up by his former friends - how long can he survive?

(Played: 186)

Kill Santa

Pick your weapons and kill the Santa!

(Played: 205)

Kill the Mouse

Try to kill the mouse by shooting in the head.

(Played: 184)

Kindergarten Killer

Get inside the kindergarten and shoot down those pesky little kids with your ...

(Played: 218)

King of Sniper 2

Mouse to shoot,Space to use gun sight,R to reload,123 to switch weapons.

(Played: 205)

Kings Game

Four kings with fearless army. War is inevitable!

(Played: 205)

Kiss The Darts

This game will blow your mind, new physics, larger puzzles, amazing graphics ...

(Played: 222)

Kitten Shooting

Use your shotgun to shoot the number of kittens required

(Played: 256)

Kwik Shot

Shoot the plates in this shooting game

(Played: 196)


try to hit the clays as they fly past the screen. You only have 2 shots per p...

(Played: 186)

Lazer Penguin

Lazer Penguin is a fast paced competitive survival game with comical game pla...

(Played: 214)

Lightsaber Practice

Use the mouse to aim the incoming droids. Shoot them before they shot you.

(Played: 186)

Little Johns Archery

Do each trick shot before the time runs out.

(Played: 180)

Loki & The Catinvaders

Help Loki defend against the CAT-invader

(Played: 169)

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