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  1. Scorpion Blast 3 (1 218 times)
  2. Dolphin coloring (1 188 times)
  3. Arabic bubbles (1 156 times)
  4. Rooster coloring (1 160 times)
  5. Frog coloring (1 209 times)
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Free Online Games | Jeux En Ligne Gratuits > Action

James Bomb 2

Help James Bomb to destroy all the monsters and escape to safety

(Played: 143)

Jeu de Singe

Fight the Crocodile by throwing coconut at it

(Played: 99)

Jeu Vote

"Politic" game in which the voters now become the invader and your vote is th...

(Played: 78)

Joe Barbarian

get Joe the barbarian to collect treasure on his journey

(Played: 85)

Jump Jump

Jump over and under different obstacles.

(Played: 136)

Jump The Gorge

Time the power bar and land on the target after the jump

(Played: 129)

Jumping Jack

Jump the obstacles.

(Played: 142)

Jungle Escape

Escape from the Jungle

(Played: 108)

Jungle Quest

Jungle Quest Pinball game

(Played: 127)

Jurassic Pinball

Pinball table with Jurassic Park theme

(Played: 72)


This is a very simple yet addictive game - just stop the bomb with all you can

(Played: 101)

Kane The Ninja

Help your kingdom by saving the princess.

(Played: 148)

Keepy Uppy

Click on the head and score points

(Played: 80)

Khooni Haveli

Collect the gold without getting killed.

(Played: 117)

Kill the Boss

This is a simple stick-man fighting game.

(Played: 102)

Kill the Pacman

Jump on top of pacman to kill the pacman, stay in mid air to kill as many Pac...

(Played: 126)

Killer Cars

Get to the required number of points before time runs out!

(Played: 178)

King of Fighters

KOF is a popular fighting game

(Played: 143)

King of the Hill

In King of the Hill, you have to protect your castle with the limited weapons...

(Played: 141)

Kingdom of Gorn - Nimian

Guide the nimian flyer through kingdom of gorn, avoiding pillars and shooting...

(Played: 132)


Play a sword-wielding smiley-like fighter game

(Played: 113)

Knasa Noid

Good mod of the original Arkanoid - it use circle instead of sqaure

(Played: 90)


1-Player fighting game

(Played: 115)

KungFu Special Trainer

Kung Fu training using melons

(Played: 85)

Lamb Chop Drop

Lamb Chop Drop is a fast action skydiving game where you must control Lamb Ch...

(Played: 114)

Lawn Pac

You are in charge when grandmum is not around. You have to use the limited fu...

(Played: 91)

Le Casse Dents

Funny clone of the classic Arkanoid game - now you have to break all the toot...

(Played: 121)

Let Love Be Your Energy

Guide Robbie through multiple stages in search of Girls!

(Played: 142)

Life Buoys

The ship is on fire - it is upto your skill to save all the people on board

(Played: 143)

Lightyear Alpha

Collect Energy residue by destroying enemy and gain special abilities

(Played: 154)

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