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Free Online Games | Jeux En Ligne Gratuits > Action


Help Romeo travel through Shakespeare Country to reunite him with Juliet!

(Played: 151)

Round Rong

Rong is simple a Circular version of Pong

(Played: 130)


Rides on the mono-cycle and punch all who try to go near your girl friend

(Played: 123)

Sail Voyage

Your mission is to voyage across the Tasman sea. Go through as many level as ...

(Played: 107)

Samurai Asshole

You master died at a dinner held by the three religious leaders. You must ave...

(Played: 149)

Samurai Jack

Play as Samurai jack to infiltrate enemy base

(Played: 173)

Santa Fighter

Santa fighting game

(Played: 166)

Save Them Goldfish

Save the goldfish out of the frying pan and put them back into the acquarium.

(Played: 159)

Seaweed Safari

Help Stanley and Dennis collect points on their Seaweed Safari adventure!

(Played: 219)

Second Line the Game

Explore a house as a fly

(Played: 162)

Shark Attack

Beware of Shark

(Played: 176)

Sheep Invaders

Galaxy clone using "flying" sheep

(Played: 161)

Sheep Jumper

Jump over sheep to get points.

(Played: 202)


Instead of Frog in Frogger, you get Sheep in Sheepish. Different graphic, the...

(Played: 110)

Shino Beat

Slash on enemies that blocked your way to their boss!

(Played: 118)

Shoot For The Sky

Collect power-ups so that you can win the game easier

(Played: 133)

Short Bus Rampage

Rampage with the bus - as the bus driver you decided to go rampage and run th...

(Played: 172)

Shuriken Assault

Fire Shuriken full speed and never let any Ninja come near you

(Played: 231)

Silay - Malay Technique

2-Player fighting game using the Malays Silay technique

(Played: 170)

Sky Rider

Take control of your sky rider and fly through the levels collecting all the ...

(Played: 154)



(Played: 109)


You have to destroy all the blocks in order to advance to the next level

(Played: 140)

Snack Attack

Try to climb the stairs with a full tray of soft drink and junk food. Balance...

(Played: 219)


Classic snake game with a twist - eat different fruits to observe strange res...

(Played: 144)

Snake Hunt

Classic snake game - pick up apples and your snake grow longer

(Played: 165)

Snake Hunt Beta

The classic snake game, with revamped graphics.

(Played: 168)

Sneaky Santa

Sneak around in a house and steal stuff.

(Played: 252)

Sneaky Thief Adventure

This is a tough game of maze. You have to sneak into the castle and steal tre...

(Played: 207)

Snowball Warrior

Beat all opponents to dominate the snowball war in Snowball Warrior

(Played: 124)

Snowboard Challenge

Compete in the snowboard challenge.

(Played: 158)

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